Florence Vacation Travel Guide

Florence – A bustling Mediterranean city that is loaded with delicious Italian food and rich culture as it has been for thousands of years. Check out the best of Florence here.

Florence began 59 B.C. and has grown into a world-class city of culture and history. Today, the old Roman parts of the city are long gone, but the Piazza della Repubblica features a towering monument—the Column of Abundance—where the ancient Roman main streets met. Explore further at the Centro Storico. This area features a number of medieval buildings, like the breathtaking Florence Cathedral.

Continue your Florence vacation by taking in some of the world’s most stunning religious art, much of it created under the Medici family in the 15th and 16th centuries. You’ll find statues in parks and fountains, as well as outside and inside buildings.

On the south side of the Arno River is Palazzo Pitti, one of the Medici family’s residences during the Renaissance. It’s now a large set of galleries, where you can view Medici heirlooms and prized artwork.