Who Has Ronaldo Played Against?

Every football fan can only think about one man: Ronaldo. What other players have Ronaldo scored most against?

If you want to figure out the answer, then you need to know all about his life and NFL career. He’s played for the best of European clubs and he has also been a member of the Spanish national team. He’s been a star in Europe and has also been the favorite to win the FIFA World Cup.

There are many questions you might have about his NFL career. Who has scored the most against him in NFL games?

One thing you should know is that Ronaldo, along with former teammates Ricky Williams and Heath Evans, are all from Portugal. Portugal is the home country of Ronaldo, so he’s probably one of his favorite countries to play for. When he scores against his old teammates, they can relate and they can feel like they’re going to get a chance to help him.

One other thing you might be wondering is who has scored the most against Ronaldo in NFL games. That’s because he was traded by Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2020. He’s since become a soccer superstar and he will probably continue to be a soccer superstar in years to come.

So how many Ronaldo goals has he scored in NFL games? Well, there are some records that could help you find out. Here are some of them:

Ronaldo has been named the most valuable player in Spain three times, including once at Manchester United. He’s also been named the most valuable player in the Champions League twice, and he’s the first player in the Premier League history to be named the Premier League’s most valuable player in the English top division.

So if you want to know who has scored the most against Ronaldo in MLS games, all you need to do is to know all you can about his NFL career. Then, when the time comes to go to make a decision, you know for sure.

Ronaldo’s most MLS goals are a tie between him and David Beckham. They were both with the Los Angeles Galaxy. Ronaldo had the most MLS assists but not as many as Beckham. Beckham tied him for most goals scored in MLS games with seven, but Ronaldo had the most MLS goals for LA Galaxy.

Another MLS player that Ronaldo had a huge part in was Thierry Henry. Henry had a huge part in the New York Red Bulls winning the Supporters Shield. Ronaldo and Henry are two of the greatest MLS players of all time, which makes it a very big rivalry. between the two.

Ronaldo and Ronny Reeves both started for the Red Bulls. In the MLS playoffs, Ronaldo started every game and was named the MLS’ Most Valuable Player for the league. Reeves was named MLS’ Defender of the Year.

Ronaldo has also been named the MLS’ all-star team. The MLS team he helped guide to MLS Cup victory last year was also named MLS Cup champions.

Ronaldo has also played in England, but not for England, as far as we can tell. He only made one appearance for England and that was against Mexico.

Ronaldo was voted the league’s most valuable player and he’s been named MLS’ player of the week twice. The most important game he has played in his career was during his time with Manchester United, where he scored against Chelsea in the Champions League final.

Ronaldo’s MLS career has taken him all over the world. He’s played for Italian giants AC Milan, Spanish giants Real Madrid, German club Borussia Dortmund and, most recently, Portuguese side Benfica.

Ronaldo and Ronny Reeves have teamed up to win the MLS Cup three times. Ronaldo was also the MLS’ MVP this season, which was another great achievement for the league. Most MLS teams don’t even get to make the playoffs. But with Ronaldo and Reeves leading the way, they have the chance to do just that.

The MLS is a great league, but sometimes you need to look at the big picture. Ronaldo and Reeves are making the most of their chances to win trophies and be named the MLS’ All-Star Game MVP.

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