Which Gun Has Highest Damage in PUBG?

Which gun is the most effective PUBG gun? This is one of the most challenging questions for new players in the game because there are so many different gun types to choose from, and it can be hard to decide which gun would be the best for your character.

The most efficient gun in PUBG is high damage, low ammo gun. There are several of these types of weapons that can be used by almost any character in the game. The main weapon type in PUBG that has the highest DPS is the sniper rifle, as it has the highest damage and is also the fastest-moving gun.

Another gun in PUBG that has high DPS and is extremely accurate is the rocket launcher. The gun has a very high fire rate and can damage any vehicle it fires on in one shot. The main disadvantage of this gun is that it takes a while for the player to reload after using it.

The last type of gun that has high damage in PUBG is the shotgun. It is not very accurate but can be very useful to use when fighting large groups of enemies. However, it is the slowest gun to reload and does not have the ability to deal as much damage in one shot.

The most popular gun in PUBG is the machine gun. These guns deal high damage to vehicles but have the ability to hit targets at long ranges. The main downside is that it takes time to reload when you use it as it takes a long amount of time for the gun to charge up and fire a lot of bullets.

There are a couple of other main gun types that can be used in PUBG. The gun with the lowest damage output is the submachine gun. It deals less damage and does not deal as much damage as the machine gun, but it deals more damage than the sniper rifle. This gun is generally not recommended for players who are new in the game because it has lower damage than some other guns.

The final gun type in the list of the top five most used in PUBG is the shotgun, which is the second most used gun type. This gun has the second-highest DPS but has a higher fire rate and is less accurate.

As you can see, there are a variety of guns available for players to use in PUBG. Some of them are effective and can be effective in the game, others have their uses, and some others are used as a last resort. Choosing the right gun will determine how well you do in PUBG.

There are some guns that have high damage, but low accuracy, so it is important that players know which one will work best for them. Knowing the best gun for you will help you in PUBG because you will be able to choose the best gun for your skill level.

For new players who are just learning the ropes, it would be best to choose a gun that has high damage output and decent accuracy. to start with. As you gain experience, you can switch to more powerful guns, but a gun that has high damage and low accuracy is a good place to start.

It may be difficult for new players to pick the best gun because there are so many guns to choose from. However, there are some guns that are easier to use and are more powerful than others. If you want to get your gun early, try to pick up an airsoft shotgun or pistol. These guns are generally cheap and easy to find.

The two most expensive weapons in PUBG are the machine gun and the submachine gun. They are usually the most expensive guns to buy and they are the best option for those who want to make their first purchase in the game. Both of these guns are effective guns, but they require a lot of time to charge.

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