Kakadu National Park, Kakadu Vacation Travel Guide

Kakadu National Park – Step back in time to a wilderness unspoiled by human occupation. Check out the top spots to explore in this remarkable sanctuary.

Just three hours away from Darwin, Australia is Kakadu National Park. Located deep within the Northern Territory, this stunning portion of the Outback is open year-round and is a popular place to visit during the dry season.

A Kakadu National Park vacation isn’t something you can breeze through in just a few hours. The park has more than 25 trails, ranging from easy, daylong hikes to scenic routes that take several days to cover. Kakadu National Park sightseeing isn’t all about athleticism, the area has long been used as an art gallery by Aboriginals, and some of its cave paintings are 20,000 years old.

If you’re not up to hiking through miles of beautiful territory, then hop on a boat and cruise down the Yellow Water Billabong. Geese, jabiru, and crocodiles make this marshy area their home so keep your cameras ready!